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Another cool set of gifs (FFVI) by daemoth. Espers: Phoenix, Starlet, Fenrir, Bismarck, Ifrit, Crusader and Terrato.

And then along came Knight of the Round and Eden.


Holding grudged over love is ancient artefacts~

Finally got some time to sketch Cynrall and his and Syl’s past a little. They still have a rocky relationship (or lack of thereof). Cyn is a bit of an asshole, but he’s saved Syl’s life during his first expedition to Orr and lost most of his vision to his left eye in the process.


Steven and the Stevens (not the episode)! (name from texaskingofthegeeks)

and everyone else!

Final part of a four part series! Individual links below!

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from this post: http://angerliz.tumblr.com/post/30358353229/playerprophet-replied-to-your-post-more-i-am


there i typed the stupidest sentence ever but who even cares, I’VE ALWAYS WANTED IT

like i am one of those people who is not at all weirded out/unable to get worked up over ~moving tentacle bulges~ because man idk, xeno getting me worked up in the first place is weird as shit, but i will never deny the idea of INDEPENDENTLY MOVING TENTACLE JUNK is hilarious shit

why doesn’t anyone want to write the hilarious Rose/Kanaya adventure that is Rose being WAY INTO TENTACLES and assuming she is so on top of this but Kanaya’s bulge smacks her in the eye and then Kanaya is so embarrassed she rolls off the bed

like im sorry, stuff all your stupid delicate elegant lesbian headcanons, THAT is how their first time would actually go

IT WAS TOO PERFECT NOT TO DRAW??????????????????? :C

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