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The Shadow Pokémon

Here is my interpretation of Gengar, aka the greatest Pokeman to have ever existed. I wanted to sort of bring him into the real world, but still keep his cartoony and simplistic design intact.


Wow! This is amazing.

Still adorable


haha! have fun at highschool today NERDS. i’m gonna be doing cool ADULT stuff like sleeping WHENEVER i want and CRYING 




In case you haven’t seen or heard, somebody finally beat the 7th night with all the animatronics set to A.I. 20

The developer didn’t even think it was possible. That’s fucking incredible.

This dude achieved FN@F Singularity..


4 Minutes Before Death - Submitted by Anonymous#430e20 #7a2e4a #fa2d0e #fee42d #f0eee5


4 Minutes Before Death - Submitted by Anonymous

#430e20 #7a2e4a #fa2d0e #fee42d #f0eee5


#497 Serperior It can stop its opponents’ movements with just a glare. Serperior will only attack with full force against opponents that are unfazed by its piercing glare. It is capable of amplifying solar energy it absorbs in its body.


I uh… I did… a thing…. awhile ago… and I keep forgetting to post it….

Top is Sonic and Tails, bottom is Knuckles and Rouge and you know whAT?? I SHIP THEM, ID ON’T EVEN caARE go ahead and sue me also pretend rouge has little bat wing appliques on the back of her jacket and also that there’s a background





Your first time is NOT supposed to hurt

You are NOT supposed to bleed

If you bleed, that is NOT your hymen being ‘popped’, it is a tear due to lack of sexual arousal and natural lubrication.

This is all a MYTH perpetrated by men so they don’t have to make sure you are comfortable and sufficiently aroused enough before you have sex with them. It is an excuse to disregard and hurt you.

I just really want women to know this.

wait…. really?

yes really

You are not  suppose to bleed, that is correct. But the first time, it is possible for it to hurt. There’s a difference between It’s Suppose to Hurt and it Can and Likely Will Hurt.

A lot of people, the first time are very nervous and anxious. This can hinder and cut this ‘Sufficiently Aroused’ and make it a bit more difficult. Also, if it is the first time for you to have a large, phallic object put into you, it is possible it will feel uncomfortable. The degree of uncomfortableness varies from person to person.

But saying it WON’T hurt if done right is a bit silly. There is a Possibility for it to hurt, especially if you are nervous. It won’t be soul-wrenching pain, but it can vary from Uncomfortable to “Stop, it’s a bit much right now.” 

An inexperienced person is likely to be nervous and anxious, which all of this hinders proper lubrication and relaxing of muscles. So take a few deep breaths, relax, and try to enjoy yourself? After all, sex is suppose to be about pleasure.

Not pain.


I made some drawings while on vacations but I don’t have a good camera or a scanner rip me



The Homestuck Fandom is literally the worst fandom and has absolutely no redeeming qualities.

If you think otherwise that just means that you are a part of the Homestuck fandom and therefore your opinion doesn’t matter because you are, in fact, shit. Just like your fandom.