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What if your parent’s astrological signs were now your OTP?











Aradia and Nepeta



whoa i got Aradia and Nepeta too

who are all YOU PEOPLE OMFG

Tavros and Vriska


tavros and feferi! awww

eridan and terezi


vriska x terezi


Gamzee and Terezi…


aradia and kanaya

 Gamzee and Sollux……..

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    Sollux and Tavros … Mind is blow
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    Eridan and Feferi o.o uhhhhh…..
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    Eridan and Vriska. It’s Kismesis match
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    Eridan and Vriska… well then… but now, couple wise its EridanxAradia and Vriska is alone. forever. because my mom is...
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    Eridan and Feferi NOPE!
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    Also Terezi and Nepeta…? O.o
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    Mom = Aradia Dad = Eridan
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    Fef (my dad) x Sollux (my mom) kinda makes me laugh because this was one of those pairings I REALLY didn’t like at...
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    cancer/capricorn BEEN THERE SHIPPED THAT. thouuuuugh i like karkatgamzee better than karkat
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    Aries Capricorn. ARADIA/GAMZEE OH NOOOO. and my mother is so Gamzee. she’s totes cray cray.
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    Leo and Virgo/Nepeta and Kanaya… Hmm… Yay?
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    Karkat and Nepeta? … I’d ship it.
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    Sollux and… Sollux. Hmm, ok.
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    Gamzee and Terezi. It makes sense, since i ship ‘em black rom and my parents do nothing but yell at each other xD
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    Again, Equius and Aradia, and I ship it so hard.
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    Again, Tavros and Terezi NO NO DO NOT SHIP.
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    Gamzee and Nepeta. Hm, interesting.
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    dont… Equius/Vriska. Dear lord…
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    Terezi/Ferferi omfg My dad’s a libra and my mom is a pisces fuck.
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    Aradia and Terezi. All aboard SS Crackship.
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    PFFFFFT! HA! My parents are my OTP Eridan/Feferi and My dad being Eridan and my Mom being Feferi.
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    vriska and eridan sounds not bad
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    karkat/tavros what.
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    Terezi x Nepeta….? And they gave birth to me, Feferi..?
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    Eridan/Terezi. This can only end in tragedy.
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    Kanaya x Gamzee …Whew. That would be interesting.
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    Scorpio and Sagittarius. o.O
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    Karkat and Feferi? … D’awww.
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    aradia and equius they’re getting a divorce
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    ….Equius and Sollux….
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    Eridan and Feferi, I’m set
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    tavros/equius ive seen some pretty good art for that actually but i dont really ship it at all
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