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Shut up. You conceited, insensitive horrible blue Smurf. I’m sure it feels bad seeing your people turned into husks, but I guess it didn’t matter that much when you were tearing human husks into pieces, did it?

You’re worse than Ash. Suddenly it’s horrible when it’s done to you guys? Hey, remember that time when I had to witness my own people being consciously immobilized, trapped inside a cocoon and then melted down, fully aware, to make a human Reaper? Oh that’s right, you were too busy pretending to be a bad ass at the time. Couldn’t save the Galaxy ‘cause you had to find a friend.


Shut up and keep shooting at those Banshees, you baby.

  1. wigmund said: Asari are Space Elves. And like all elves they get pissy and whiny when it’s them being wailed on by the BBEG, otherwise they’re perfectly content to sit on the sidelines and bitch at everyone. I do feel sorry for her, but not as much as for Garrus
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